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I make casual games for iOS Devices. My games are free to download so feel free to give them

a try and have fun. Hope you enjoy my games.

My Games

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The name says it all.

This is a classic sliding puzzle game you can play 3x3 or 4x4 or you can take on challenges.



Coloris is a combination of tetromino style games like Tetris and Match 3 games. The more you score the more colors unlock and the game get more diffcult



KoK is a sliding puzzle game where you try to join the equals blocks and add them together. You can choose to play with letters, Number or Roman Numbers.



Blocks is a fun board game where you place the blocks on the board and try to keep the board clean for upcoming blocks



I will announce game release and update news here...

About ME

 I am a gamer who also makes games. If the game updates are late it is because of the two guys you see in the photo above, as soon as I leave my chair they jump on it 😄